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Wedding Ribbon Wand

Wedding Ribbon Wand Banner

Wedding ribbon wands are a great way to celebrate the bride and groom’s exit without using rice or bird seed. They also become a token guests can take home in remembrance of the day.

Wedding Ribbon Wand Materials

5/8” double face satin wedding ribbon, ruler, sharp pinking scissors, ribbon wands, glue gun.

Wedding Ribbon Wand Step 1

Step 1:
Cut three 24” strands of wedding ribbon with pinking scissors. Cut one end of the ribbon straight across and cut the opposite end of the ribbon at a 45 degree angle so that it will fit into the end of the wand. One 100 yard roll of printed ribbon will make 50 three-stranded wedding ribbon wands.

Wedding Ribbon Wand Step 2

Step 2:
Gather the three strands so that the imprint can be read in the same direction on each strand. Grab the three ends that were cut at a 45 degree angle. Twist the ends tightly together until they are small enough to fit into the end of the wand.

Wedding Ribbon Wand Step 3

Step 3:
Insert the twisted ends of personalized wedding ribbons into the opening of the wand. Continue to twist and push the ribbon into the wand until at least one inch of the ribbon is secured in the wand.

Wedding Ribbon Wand Step 4

Step 4:
For extra security, add a small amount of hot glue to the end of the wand where the wedding ribbons have been placed. Have someone hand the ribbon wands out to the guests after the ceremony so they can wave them and celebrate when the bride and groom make their exit.