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Personalized holiday ribbons are a great way to add a special touch to holiday gifts, parties, and decorations. This collection of holiday articles includes a variety of ideas for holiday gifts and crafts. Click on "full story" to read the articles in their entirety.



Valentine Ribbon:
Personalized ribbon is a great way to let a special someone know you care. This Valentine's Day ribbon is used to accent a flower. For more Valentine's Day ideas, read the full story. Full story...

Stocking Ribbon

Stocking Ribbon:
Printed holiday ribbon can be used for attractive home decorations. This stocking ribbon article outlines a simple home craft. Read the full story for details. Full story...

Salt Dough

Salt Dough Ornaments:
Homemade ornaments are a great holiday decoration. Make your own holiday salt dough ornaments by following these simple instructions. Read the full story to learn more. Full story...

Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa Mix Gift:
A homemade hot cocoa gift is a great way to warm up loved ones this holiday season. This hot cocoa mix gift is accented with personalized holiday ribbon. Read the full story for details and instructions. Full story...

Gift Basket

Gift Basket Decoration:
Add a personal touch to holiday gift baskets with custom printed holiday ribbon. Ribbon can be imprinted with a company name and logo or a special message. To learn more, read the full story. Full story...