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Crafts & Home

Personalized ribbon can be used in a number of craft & home decor projects. This collection of articles features a number of ideas for craft projects & home decor with printed ribbons. Read the summaries below and follow the links to read to the full articles.

Pink Customized Printed Ribbons on Birthday memoboard

Memo Boards:
Great for kitchens, offices, and bedrooms, memo boards are a great way to add personality to your living space. Use personalized ribbon for an added level of originality. Read the full story to learn more about printed ribbon memo boards. Full story...

Cream Customized Printed Ribbons on Homemade Planters

Homemade Planters:
Use personalized ribbon to add decoration to a potted plant. Great for gifts, homemade planters add personality to a home or garden. Read the full story to learn more about personalized ribbon planters.  Full story...

Navy Sheer Edge Garbo Customized Printed Ribbons on Reed Defuser

Reed Diffusers:
Reed diffusers are a great way to decorate bathrooms, living rooms, and other small spaces. Add personality to this simple craft project with personalized ribbon. Read the full story to learn more about homemade reed diffusers. Full story...

Red satin Customized Printed Ribbons on Recipe Box

Recipe Box:
Personalize your kitchen with a homemade recipe box. This recipe box craft makes a great gift. Add printed ribbon for an extra special touch. Read the full story to learn more. Full story...

Uses for 100 yds of customized printed ribbons

Uses for 100 yds:
How much is 100 yds of ribbon? Many of our personalized ribbon styles come on a roll of 100 yds. Read this article to learn how much you can do with 100 yds of custom printed ribbon. Full story...