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Event Planning Checklist

Planning a corporate event can be a stressful and complex task. PrintMyRibbon has created the following checklist in order to ease the process of event planning. This guideline can be easily modified to fit any occasion and covers what is needed before, during, and after an event.


Element Description Date Completed
Location Determine a location and figure rental cost, labor, and if permits/licenses are needed.  
Advertisement Send out invitations, post flyers, and send email reminders.  
Equipment If your event requires audio or visual equipment, you may need to rent these items and hire labor. Items may include microphones, speakers, computers, a projector, and a camera.  
Food & Beverages Catering may be provided with hall rental. But if it isn't, hire an outside catering company. Determine a menu, beverages, and factor in the cost of service staff.  
Rentals You may need to rent tables, chairs, props, tents, risers, and a podium.  
Decorations Determine whether you need centerpieces, candles, flowers, balloons, signs, decor, and staff for setup.  
Entertainment Determine whether you want a speaker and if fees will be associated with that. Gifts and giveaways, music, and a disc jockey are other entertainment factors to consider.  
Accommodations Do your guests require transportation or hotel accommodation?  
Labor Determine whether you need to hire staff to help run your event.  
Follow Up Hold a meeting or ask guests to leave comments about the success of the event. Send thank you notes to those who helped make your event a success.