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Poinsettia Bow

Satin Acetate Poinsettia Bow

Materials: two yards of 9/16” satin acetate ribbon, six inches of colored ribbon, scissors.

Poinsettia Bow Step 1Step 1: Create a simple loop of ribbon approximately four inches in length. Continue to wind ribbon around initial loop about 12-15 more times.
Poinsettia Bow Step 2Step 2: Grasp all the loops together tightly in one hand. Flatten them and make a triangular cut from one side of the loop into the center, taking care not to cut more than halfway across the ribbon. Repeat from the other side, again being careful not to cut all the way across the center. You should now have an hourglass shape in the center of your loop.
Poinsettia Bow Step 3Step 3: With a piece of colored ribbon six inches in length, tie a double knot tightly around the notched area. This knot will become the center of the poinsettia.
Poinsettia Bow Step 4Step 4: Before separating the loops, cut the ends off with a sharp pointed cut, cutting completely through the ribbon. This will form the separate petals of the poinsettia.
Poinsettia Bow Step 5Step 5: Starting with the bottom, pull apart the petals in a clockwise direction, left to right, while twisting at the knotted base.
Poinsettia Bow Step 6Step 6: Now without twisting, arrange the top petals in the same way, pulling them apart in a clockwise direction.
Poinsettia Bow Step 7Step 7: Use double-sided tape or the extra length of ribbon hanging from the center knot to attach the bow to your gift.