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Dior Bow Tie

Grosgrain Dior Bow Tie

Materials: three yards of grosgrain ribbon, one 12 inch piece of grosgrain ribbon, one thin piece of ribbon or floral wire.

Dior Bow Tie Step 1 Step 1: Begin the Dior Bow Tie by winding the ribbon back and forth to form three loops. To do this, first form one loop. Holding the loop at its midpoint, wind the ribbon underneath to form another loop that is slightly larger than the first. Now hold both of the loops together at their midpoints and wind the ribbon underneath in the opposite direction to form a final loop, again slightly larger than the previous.
Dior Bow Tie Step 2 Step 2: To secure your loops, tie a knot around the midpoint with a thin piece of ribbon or floral wire.
Dior Bow Tie Step 3 Step 3: With a separate piece of ribbon about 12” long, wrap around the knot you just made, tying a double knot on the backside of the bow. Pull down a piece of the extra ribbon on each side of the bow to form the bow’s tails.
Dior Bow Tie Step 4 Step 4: Trim the tails to your desired length. Use crimping scissors to add a decorative finish on the ends of the tails.
Dior Bow Tie Step 5 Step 5: Attach the bow to your gift with double-sided tape or tie the bow directly to another ribbon on your package.