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Interested in tying attractive gift bows but not sure how? This collection of bow-tying articles features step-by-step instructions to make a variety of eye-catching bows. Choose your favorite bows below then follow the links for complete how-to instructions.


Pom Pom

Pom Pom Bow:
The pom pom bow is a classic bow shape. This attractive bow is the foundation for many other bow styles. Read the full story to learn how to make a pom pom bow. Full story...

Carnation Bow

Carnation Bow:
The carnation bow is a variation of the pom pom bow with an extra step at the end that creates a different look. Follow these simple instructions to make your own gift bows. To get started, read the full story. Full story...


Chrysanthemum Bow:
Read this how-to article to learn how to make a chrysanthemum bow. This unique gift bow is a great way to draw attention to gifts and products. Read the full story for step-by-step bow-tying instructions.  Full story...


Poinsettia Bow:
The poinsettia bow is perfect for holiday gifts and seasonal merchandise packaging. Learn how to make this festive bow by following the step-by-step instructions. Read the full story to get started.  Full story...

Dior Bow

Dior Bow Tie:
The dior bow tie is a great way to attract attention to your products and gifts. The unique gift bow is easy to make. Just follow these instructions to make your own bows. Full story...