Reed Diffusers

Sheer Edge Garbo Reed Diffuser Ribbon 

Personalized Sheer Edge Garbo Ribbon
Materials: 36" of 5/8" sheer edge garbo ribbon, 1 glass jar, fragrance of your choice, bamboo reeds.

Reed Diffuser Step 1
Step 1: Pour your fragrance into your glass jar until the jar is about ¼- ½ filled.

Reed Diffuser Step 2
Step 2: Wrap your ribbon all the way around the neck of the jar leaving two loose strands.

Reed Diffuser Step 3
Step 3: Tie the two strands together in your favorite bow.

Reed Diffuser Step 4
Step 4: Using sharp scissors or pinking shears, trim the ends of the ribbon to your desired length.

Reed Diffuser Step 5
Step 5: Insert your bamboo reeds into the glass jar, allowing them to go all the way to the bottom of the jar and become coated in the fragrance.

Reed Diffuser Step 6
Step 6: Now remove the reeds, flip them over, and reinsert them so the other end of the reeds can soak in the fragrance.

Reed Diffuser Step 7
Step 7: Place in a room that you’d like to keep fresh. When the fragrance recedes, remove the reeds and pour in more.