Lapel Ribbon

Lapel Awareness Ribbon 

Custom Printed Awareness Ribbon
Materials: 5/8” awareness ribbon; pinking scissors; hot glue gun; double-sided tape, hobby clasp, or straight pins.

Lapel Ribbon Step 1
Step 1: Begin the Lapel Ribbon by cutting a section of custom printed ribbon that includes your entire phrase from beginning to end. In this case, you would make a cut before “Support” and after “Troops.” If you want your Lapel Ribbons to have angled ends, cut this section of ribbon at an angle.

Lapel Ribbon Step 2
Step 2: Form a small loop in the ribbon, leaving the ends hanging down so that the end of the phrase is on the right side and passing underneath the beginning of the phrase that hangs down on the left. Apply a small amount of hot glue in between the pieces of ribbon at the point that they intersect. This will secure the shape of your Lapel Ribbon and keep the top end of ribbon attached to the bottom. Let dry.

Lapel Ribbon Step 3
Step 3: If you’d like to keep your Lapel Ribbon for long-term use, use hot glue to attach a reusable hobby clasp to the back of the ribbon. If your ribbon is intended for a single use, place a piece of double-sided tape on the back of the ribbon to attach it to your shirt. You could also use a straight pin to attach the ribbon.

Lapel Ribbon Step 4
Step 4: The finished Lapel Ribbon should look like the one pictured here. Attach the ribbon to a shirt, hat, or bag to show support for your cause.