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Homemade Planters

36" of 1 1/4" wide twill ribbon (more if the pot is larger), 1 terra cotta pot, 1 applique of your choice.
Step 1:
Using a glue gun, place a bead of glue on the outer lip of the terra cotta pot.
Step 2:
Place one end of the ribbon on the bead of glue and continue to secure the ribbon around the lip with two more beads of glue, leaving two strands of ribbon unglued and hanging free.
height="125" />Step 3:
Take the two loose strands of ribbon and tie them together in the bow of your choice.
Step 4:
Using sharp pinking shears, trim the ends of the ribbon to your desired length.
Step 5:
Place a bead of glue on the back of your applique.
Step 6:
Secure the applique on the center of the bow.
Step 7:
Plant your favorite flowers and display your homemade planter or give it away to a friend or loved one.