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Chrysanthemum Bow

Satin Acetate Chrysanthemum Bow

Materials: 1 yard of 7/8" satin acetate ribbon, scissors, 1 piece of floral wire or narrow ribbon.

Chrysanthemum Bow Step 1Step 1: Make a loop of ribbon about 4 inches long. Make 5 more loops, winding each around the first loop. You should now have wound a total of 6 loops.
Chrysanthemum Bow Step 2Step 2: Flatten and grab all the loops tightly in the center. Cut a triangular notch from one side of the ribbon cutting toward the center and going slightly less than half way across the width of the ribbon. Repeat from the other side, cutting toward the center but not through. You should be left with a notched out area resembling a pointed hourglass.
Chrysanthemum Bow Step 3Step 3: Tie a piece of narrow ribbon or floral wire tightly around the center, where the points meet, leaving enough extra narrow ribbon to fasten the bow to your gift.
Chrysanthemum Bow Step 4Step 4: Cut four evenly spaced slits from the top of the loop toward the center, being careful not to cut the center tie.
Chrysanthemum Bow Step 5Step 5: Now cut four evenly spaced slits on the other side from the top of the loop toward the center, again avoiding the center tie.
Chrysanthemum Bow Step 6Step 6: Separate the loops by pulling them out individually and twisting toward the center. Pull from alternating sides in order to puff up the bow.
Chrysanthemum Bow Step 7Step 7: Carefully separate individual cuts and form bow to the desired shape. Attach to gift using double-sided tape or excess ribbon from the center tie.