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Carnation Bow

Satin Acetate Carnation Bow

Materials: two yards of 7/8" satin acetate ribbon, scissors, one piece of narrow ribbon or floral wire.

Carnation Bow Step 1Step 1: Form a loop of ribbon about 4 inches in length. Wind ribbon around initial loop about 12 times, each loop directly on top of previous loops.
Carnation Bow Step 2Step 2: After you've wrapped your last loop, flatten and grip the center of all the loops tightly. Cut a triangle-shaped notch in the center of one side of the ribbon that goes slightly less than half way across the ribbon's width. Repeat on the other side, being careful not to cut all the way across the ribbon. You should now have a pointed hourglass shape in the center of your loops.
Carnation Bow Step 3Step 3: Tightly tie a ribbon or floral wire around the center of the notched areas. Leave enough excess of the narrow ribbon to attach the bow to your gift.
Carnation Bow Step 4Step 4: Individually separate the loops to open up and form the bow. As you pull the loops apart, twist toward the center and alternate sides to form a pom-pom shape. Fluff the loops and arrange them around the center.
Carnation Bow Step 5Step 5: At this point, you have made the basic Pom Pom Bow. To make the Carnation Bow, squeeze several loops together in one hand. Holding tightly, cut off the ends of the loops with a curved cut. Repeat until all the loops have been cut.
Carnation Bow Step 6Step 6: Twist and fan out the individual ribbons until your bow reaches the desired shape.